About Us


About Us

Uniquely Portfolio Partners

Most third-party money managers have one solution that is generically offered to all advisors. We are different. We aim to find where you need the most help and customize a solution for your firm and your clients. Our services plug into your existing systems. This allows us to enhance your processes and fill in the gaps without asking you to learn new back office software or processes.

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  Flexible Solutions

We recognize, as Advisors, you get pulled in many directions… all of which take time away from meeting with clients. Whether it is placing trades or researching investments, sometimes there just is not enough time to get everything done. Portfolio Partners works with you to identify and fill those gaps, so you can focus on your clients.


                        Customized Strategies

Leverage the strength of our team by letting us help design a strategy specific to your clients.  With Portfolio Partners, you can offer customized investing beyond bucket models.• Consulting to provide custom strategy and   portfolio design for each client
• Ability to integrate in-kind transfers
• Simplifying Cetera’s advisory platform through   back office and operations support


                        Portfolio Management

Even for experienced Advisors, portfolio management is a daunting responsibility. Working with Portfolio Partners, your office is expanded by an entire team dedicated to investment research.• Asset allocation models with a tactical overlay to   reduce risks and capture opportunities
• Daily review of accounts to maintain allocation
• Income distribution strategy
• Independent, unbiased research and due diligence



It is difficult to keep up with the economic news and market conditions.   Portfolio Partners will filter and summarize the information that you – and your clients – need to know.• Monthly newsletter
• Quarterly teleconference
• Extreme market conditions response
• Meeting support available for key clients with    an extra level of complexity